Shamsul Nizam Bin Kachi Mohideen


I was offered a scholarship to do my PHD in Australia by the Ministry of Education, Malaysia some time in Jun 2009. The first thing I did was I sent out e-mails to a few Australian education counsellors’ agencies and the first to respond was E&M Education Counselling Centre. The person who called me was this charming lady named Mable. She was very pleasant to talk to and we set a meeting in Subang Parade to meet. I was asked to bring all the forms and offer letter from the Ministry. And I was really under pressure at that time because the Ministry would revoke the scholarship if I didn't get a place by year end (2009). Along the way, Mable had assured me that everything will be done on time and true enough, everything was done by E&M Education professionally. I got my offer letter, COE and later did all the health check and so on, and finally I arrived in Melbourne on the 24th October 2009. I would like to say thank you to Mable and team in E&M Education Centre for helping and making my journey here an easy one. E&M Education had been very effective and professional and I could not suggest any one better. This is the centre you would choose if you want your application to be handled by a professional. And the relationship with E&M does not stop there…we are still in contact and I am happy to have chosen the agency for their services.