Mas Jaffri Masarudin


E&M Education has been playing a pivotal role in bridging the opportunity for my PhD studies in Melbourne, Australia. All aspect pertaining to the processes of applying and preparing for admission has been well taken care of by them and details of its procedure duly explained in the finest fashion. The staffs are well versed in the area, helpful and caring to help me in every way possible. The choices of universities covered by E&M are vast and each is represented very well. A special mention and kudos to Mrs. Mable Pan whom had helped me ease through the complicated process of applying to my university. She was significant personnel helping me throughout my application, getting in touch with my now present supervisor, as well as helping me out with all the nooks and crannies of my application. Extra care and care-taking was also an initiative she graced by making post-admission inquiries with me to ensure everything was well throughout my admission into the university. Without her help and E&M’s aid, I wouldn't have been able to enjoy a hassle-free and smooth transition process from application to admission, and even now during my studies. I am definitely satisfied with E&M’s level of dedication and professionalism, and would definitely without a shadow of doubt recommend their expertise for those applying to study in Australia.