Noor Maliza Binti Jamal


My first few month of searching universities was not a good one. I went to ‘seek help’ from few Education Advisor offices, but the help was only at their office and ends when I stepped out of their door. I stopped my search for a while (which means about four months) because I was disappointed a bit, and I don’t know where to go. During those idle months, none of the representatives get back to me. One fine day, a friend gives me a call card, which I contacted straight away. From that day on, in less than 4 weeks, I received my first University Offer Letter! And that’s because a very responsive efforts from E & M Education Centre. Besides a very quick move, the representatives are very friendly and more than a word ‘helpful’ could describe. Now, that I am settled in a new environment, I am always get back to them for other good advices.