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RMIT University

I really happy to inform you that I will be travelling to Melbourne by next week to join RMIT for PhD. It’s indeed your helps played a key factor in securing my admission. You have guided me through right path throughout the admission process. Whenever I had confusion regarding admission procedures, your advices were really helpful. I can say without doubt someone seek admission in foreign universities totally rely on your services.

Your step by step instructions and guidance’s were the key factors in my success, I am very much sure that it would not have been successful in my case if your help were not there. I would like to remember with thanks that in each and every aspects you were guiding me like a sister and no where I could see there is business touch in your deals.

Once again let me say my heartfelt thanks to you and wish you all the best and success in your life and your business.

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Wan Suzanna Aafanii Adeeba Wan Ibrahim
RMIT University

I have to admit E&M Education is the BEST consultant for your education placement in Australian Institutions. They are most professional; they provide fantastic service (they give prompt response, advice, assistance and solutions to all your needs). It doesn’t matter with whom you deal with, your satisfaction is always their priority. I am always grateful and thankful to E&M Education, especially to Mable who assisted me from A to Z. Well, in my case I was told (by other education placement centre) that I have a low chance at being accepted or admitted to the Australian Institutions for my PhD study since I have no research background although I do have a Master degree from University of Sydney (coursework). At that point I felt quite devastated. But I got lucky to be introduced by my sister (Wan Suriyani Faliq Adeeba Wan Ibrahim-satisfied E&M Education’s client) to E&M Education. I first started to keep in touch with Mable through Facebook, then followed by other means=).

To expedite the application process, I made the contact with the potential supervisor at the RMIT University. When I managed to secure him as my potential supervisor, I straightaway sent my proposal to Mable and filled up all the required docs. And to my surprise I got the offer letter less than 2weeks!! =D Awesome isn’t it? The MOST excellent part in their service is their services are FREE! F.O.C! =)

Well, I did face with some issues with the scholarship which I have to defer the offer but all that became easy with Mable’s assistance. Thanks Mable for being extremely helpful although sometimes I might have bugged you with the issues in the wee hours. =p

So, are you worried about your visa application? Your spouse and family visa application? Pre-Departure Services? Airport pick-up services? Worry not, they are always at your service! As you can see, I am very satisfied with E&M Education. Hassle free & F.O.C! Highly recommended!

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Robi’atun Adayiah Awang

I would like to thank you and your team (especially Mellanie) for your help in making my dream to further study in Australia come true. It was grateful to work with you from the beginning (from the admission process to student visa application) because of your friendly, knowledgeable and prompt respond attending all my queries. I also appreciated your helpful tips/advice regarding the preparation need to be done before and after arriving Australia. I still remember your lengthy email but super easy to understand telling me what I should do step by step. :). I would unhesitatingly recommend you and your service to anyone who asks.

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Michelle Liong
Australian National University

I'm so happy to receive your email. I'm good. Life’s great. Met many new friends and they have been really supportive and encouraging. The education system here is so different compared to back home. Wish I have studied here for my degree. Found the lectures to be difficult in the beginning as to trying to understand their accent. However, I'm still adapting, coping and surviving. Thank God! Especially the winter. Gosh! It was the coldest when I came. Remember once it was recorded -8 degree Celsius! Spring is here and I can’t wait for summer! How are you? Hope more and more students would make their way to ANU for their education. My lecturers are people with vast experience in their industry, and I must say the teaching goes way beyond the classroom learning. I learnt more about the world issues, things that I have not read on print and online. I keep telling my mom that I have chosen the right university. Sometimes, I still couldn't believe that I am here in ANU, a place I have dreamed of going ever since I came to know about it when I was 19. Thank you to E & M team for the support, guidance and assistance throughout my application. Words cannot describe how grateful and thankful I am to all of you for making this possible. I will keep each of you updated when I touch down in Canberra. I wish everything has gone well for you and your team :) Take care and may God bless everyone in E & M!

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Hilyati Sabtu@Othman
University Of Newcastle

It was a great pleasure of being a PhD student in the University of Newcastle, NSW Australia (UON). The support staffs, friends and people here are very approachable and warm-hearted. The Callaghan campus where my post-graduate office is situated is a huge campus and has wonderful views, while Newcastle city is peaceful and not congested. The place where I belong now is like a combination of spectacular beaches, outdoor parks and great shopping malls. UON also provide a lot of learning development program that enable students feel a sense of belonging which avoid them from being isolated.

These great experiences could not be achieved without any support from Mable Pan and Melanie from E&M Education Sdn. Bhd. How can I forget their professional and friendly advices? One of my colleagues suggests contacting them then by get contact through email and phone call; I have been given a step by step guidance. It is totally reduce the burden that I hold for! I can remembered the moment when I was really need their help after office hours and Mable could even spend her time in the office waiting for my email. How committed they are! They also keep on reminding me what I should do next to ensure that I will always in the right track.

I would like to suggest to anybody who are planning to continue their study in Australia, please do not miss to contact them. Again, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to E&M Education for their professional, friendly and committed assistance. Thank you so much! All the best to E&M Education!

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Joe Tee
Victoria University

I am impressed by E & M’s quick response time and vast experience in handling all my requests ranging from lodging a University application, enrolment, payment to the University, arranging for overseas student insurance and even hostel accommodation and airport pickup.

When it comes to offering such a customized solution as an education services provider, E & M certainly does not fall short. The surprise notebook gift from my university as a result of the early semester enrolment payment submitted for me by E & M definitely added the icing to the cake! I have no doubt in recommending E & M to my friends or relatives who wish to pursue their studies in Australia. Thank you E&M!