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Zulhaimi bin Mahmud
University of Southern Queensland

It was really a big decision when I decided to pursue my further studies not long ago. I had to consider on many issues such as family commitments, career, and personal matters but importantly questions of where to study and what course to select for the beneficial of my future prospects. Luckily, a friend of mine had come across with Mable of E & M Education Counselling Centre Sdn Bhd and was able to share some of the information and thus shed some light for a clearer pathway. Without hesitant, I immediately contacted Mable and subsequent meetings with her and also Melanie had confirmed my commitment for this undertaking.

I was glad to meet them because their opinion and assistance in making my route became much easier and a guided one. After making the big decision with their consultation, I was always being able to get their help at immediate response to solve problems along the `journey’. The processes taken from the beginning of the application submission to the final stages were no doubt, `complicated’ especially if without a proper guidance. However, as I would like to reiterate here, much of the difficulties were alleviated with Mable and Melanie quick assistance and response.

I am now studying my masters by research degree in the University of Southern Queensland at its main campus, Toowoomba. I have been here with my family for almost four months, still in the first semester which will ends this month. I am glad to choose Toowoomba and the university because simply find the atmosphere here quite relax and quiet, suitable to study and for my family living. The university is a small to medium size but with all necessary infrastructures to accommodate the students need. Its library is excellent to support your studies with varieties of qualities of references. The relatively cheaper place to live than other major Australian cities has relaxed my expenses pressure considering of my family commitments. The city is a multi-cultural society with many foreigners either international students or immigrants live together with the Australians harmoniously. You can find almost everything you need from its shopping malls or supermarkets located all around the city.

There are a number of Malaysian families currently studying in the university and live around the campus especially at Darling Heights sub-urban. Primary school children mostly enrol at the Darling Heights State School whilst for the secondary schooling at the Harristown High School. These are all located near to the campus which makes going to and returning from the schools easier. The students always help each other and social gathering quite frequently held to bring the relationship closer among the community members. Weekly activities are organized such badminton and football games. In brief, the study experience coupled with the living in this part of the world is a fulfilling one! Thanks again to E & M Education especially to Mable and Melanie, and the staff for their friendly and great efforts which I will never forget.

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RMIT University

I am now doing PhD in Property, Construction and Project Management at RMIT University, Melbourne. I was first introduced to E&M Education when they came to UTHM to give briefing about study in Australia. Frankly speaking, I was only attending the briefing that time because I’ve already submitted my application to RMIT through another agent. However, my first impression about E&M was that “they are very good in consultation service” and I could see that during the briefing time. This had led me to make up my mind to change the consultant to E&M Education. Through the time before I came to Melbourne, E&M Education had provided excellent consultation services i.e quick responses and feedbacks, update my application status, assist me while doing the VISA application and provide me with the pre-departure briefing - and those are what we need from a consultant. Until now that I am here in Melbourne, we still keep in touch with each other.

To Mable and Evelyn, thank you, you guys are the greatest! And I am highly recommending you to all of my friends : )

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Norliana Sarpin
Queensland University of Technology

Finally, I have managed to start my study at Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Brisbane, Queensland. As you know the ‘issue’ I face during the visa application process, which in deed give me a huge challenge at that time. However, with the support and help from both of you, have gives me a strength to face it. For me, E&M Education especially Melanie ( thanks Mel…) is not just an education consultant but also a friend who are always give me the advise, help and support whenever I need it. The effort you make in order to make sure that everything is okay, are most appreciated. I think, a say ‘A friend in need, is a friend in deed’ is the best word to portray both of you.

To Mable and Melanie, all I can say now is thank you very much for all your help and I would highly recommended E&M Education to those who are planning to study at Australia, for not just because of their friendly service but also the professional and committed assistance that they gave. All the best to E & M Education….

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Muhammad Daaniyall bin Abd Rahman
Sydney, Australia

I arrived at Sydney last 2 weeks and I just want to say thousands of THANK YOU to you and your team members for the dedicated works. I really appreciate it and I have no reserve to recommend your service to my friends whoever interested to study abroad.

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Zulakbal Bin Abd karim
Victoria University

Pertama sekali saya ingin merakamkan ucapan setinggi-tinggi penghargaan dan terima kasih kepada anda berdua kerana telah banyak membantu saya dalam usaha untuk mendapat tempat pengajian disini dahulu.

Sebaik sahaja saya mendapat tawaran untuk menyambung pengajian oleh majikan,saya telah diminta untuk memberi pertimbangan yang lebih dan tumpuan untuk menyambung pelajaran di luar negara kerana bidang yang saya ceburi ini masih kurang kepakaran...maka saya telah mengambil beberapa langkah awal secara sendirian untuk menghubungi beberapa university di Australia...tetapi samaada saya tidak dihubungi kembali atau dihubungi tetapi jawapa ya amat mendukacitakan...saya pada masa itu telah mengambil pendirian berdiam diri...sambil memikirkan untuk menyambung pengajian didalam negeri sahaja walaupun hati saya masih teringin hendak merasai pengalam belajar di tempat orang sehinggalah saya terjumpa sebuah buku di satu ekspo pendidikan Australia yang didalamnya terdapat iklan mengenai E&M
Bagi saya ianya satu rahmat tuhan dimana sebaik sahaja saya menghubungi mable di E&M segalanya berjalan lancer...saya telah dibantu dengan baik sekali oleh Mable dan Melanie bermula dari proses mengisi borang permohonan university,mendapatkan supervisor,surat tawaran,sampailah kepada urusan passport,VISA,tiket,penginapan dan segala-galanya...di bantu oleh E&M...malah selepas mendapat tempat di Universiti saya sekarang ini,saya telah mendapat tawaran pula dari beberapa buah lagi university di sini...Inilah hasil jika berurusan dengan pakar...E&M memang pakar dalam hal menguruskan tempat pengajian...

Farah Liyana
Farah Liyana
University of Western Australia

I was introduced to your centre by my close friend. She said that your service can be graded as 5 stars. Unbelieving her, I decide to walk-in to your booth in the Post-Graduate Fair 2010 in Midvalley.

I've been impressed by your commitment to help me to get in the University that is not listed at all in your website.
Thank you so much with your kindness and help so now I've been studying in UWA. Never been in overseas before make terrified and afraid about my living here, but guys, you are so great by giving me a good advice and simple instruction for me to follow.
With here, I sent my warmest regards from Perth, Australia.