• Animal, Agriculture and Environmental Science

    Are you interested in being closer to Mother Nature?

    If you have a genuine passion for the natural environment and want to ensure that we can enjoy our planet’s precious resources forever, a career in Environmental Sciences will be rewarding for you. This industry is growing in demand and has a bright outlook with attractive starting salaries, incredible workplace locations and a sense of achievement in addressing environmental issues.

    A career in agricultural is more than just farming and working on the land, providing a wide range of opportunities across the supply chain and the broader communication process. You can explore your passion in finance, science, marketing, media, sales or information technology and discover how rural Australia and agriculture can provide you with a lifetime of career opportunities.

    If you have a great passion for animals and are consistently fascinated by Science, a career in Animal Sciences or Veterinary will be the right one for you. You will be able to have hands on experience with handling animals, applying knowledge and practical training to your rewarding career in the animals sector.

  • Arts

    Are you yearning for wide range of transferable and critical skills to equip yourself with more than enough to succeed in the broadest range of career?

    Though arts courses may not offer as clear cut a career path as sciences, but its vast scope provides a wide range of subject choice to study which prepare you the enough skills to venture into the many careers in the world. If you are compassionate and dedicated in human works, philosophies, making a difference to communities and also improving the quality of life for others, then a career in this field could be appealing to you. Example of arts career are languages, social sciences, acting, history, philosophy, film studies, psychology, forensic and many many more.

  • Art, Design and Architecture

    Are you a creative person who is always curious in the contemporary or historical world of art and designs? With a design course, you will be able to embrace your creativity with a challenging and rewarding career. You will be able to think outside of the box and explore your passions and unleash your creative potential with others by getting involved in all aspects of bringing a story or an idea perhaps in a studio, on screen, in print and multimedia or even on stage.

    With some time and experience in the industry, you will then be able to maximize your career opportunities by presenting your own work in a world renowned exhibition, undertaking your own research project, published book or other creative endeavors. Examples of design courses are like fine art, architecture, interior architecture, fashion design and many more.

  • Business & Commerce

    Are you a practical yet realistic person who likes challenges of the real world and interested to work in almost any industry, anywhere in the word?

    Business or Commerce graduates can be found within every company around the world. A business course allows you to be creative, skillful, and innovative about the knowledge of business. A good business course allows you to stand out in the competitive employment market, eventually making a real difference to your company or even the world market. Examples of business career are marketing, accounting, Human Resource Management, Finance, Actuarial Sciences and many more.

  • Education
    Are you passionate about the wellbeing of the future generations? Do you want to be a significant guardian that guides the future generations that will someday hold a notable position in the world?

    Education is not just about being teachers but also becoming leaders in the education industry that helps to coordinate the learning and knowledge that will be implanted in the future generation. A teaching or education course will equip you to have strong groundings in children’s curriculum and pedagogy. You will be able to guide or teach a diverse range of curriculum and also students. As the saying goes “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires” (William Arthur Ward)

  • Engineering
    Are you always curious about how the little things in the world worked or created?

    The industrial and economic success of every nation is rooted firmly in its manufacturing and engineering base, and the skills and ingenuity of its professional engineers. Engineering may not be the easiest areas of study but it is still continuously in demand. You will be able to learn various technical subjects and will be able to equip yourself with the skills of problem solving, decision making, innovation, project management, team working, and communication. You will also be able to gain knowledge about the rapidly changing technological environment. An Engineering-based education will also give you a great base to branch into different sectors like Mechanical, Electronic, Civil, Chemical etc. and also work your way up to the high level managerial position.

  • Information Technology, Computing and Mathematics

    Interested in being part of the rapidly changing 21st Century? Do you like hands-on work with the latest software or hardware and also calculating the future possibilities or be in the prospect of one day working in a job that doesn’t even exist yet?

    You will be learning the most modern course at present yet by gaining an understanding the fundamentals of a range of applications and develop the skills to be able to learn new programs in future and keep ahead of rapidly changing technology, making you a great asset to any workplace. Career opportunities are diverse, with businesses in every industry having a need for technologically literate employees.

    A mathematics degree on the other hand provides graduates with a huge range of opportunities in fields like data modeling, statistics or education. The course will equip you with valuable skills in logic and analysis, which could give you a competitive edge in a huge range of professions, for example analyzing data in industries such as agriculture, business, health and science. These roles could include measuring and quantifying the results of tests, new products or research, working out financial plans or interpreting and analyzing data.

  • Law
    Interested in understanding levers of power in society and believe the system of of the ‘rule of law’ and justice amongst everyone in the society?

    A Law Course opens up a wide range of career opportunities in a myriad of fields such as business, media, the arts, science, education, engineering and government. Law is directly concerned with power and reaches into every part of life. Studying law allows people who have strong sense of justice to see where there are defects in system and to work constructively and effectively to change it. Studying law offers the idealistic person a realistic way to make a difference in the world. Consequently, a law course enables one to absorb wonder intellectual challenge in that it develops the ability to argue from a basis of evidence in a way which can be very hard for non-lawyers to counter. Thus, this is a huge advantage in whichever profession you choose.

  • Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences
    Are you passionate in the wellbeing of the society, helping save lives, curious about helping people improve their quality of life, or simply want to learn more about health concepts?

    Having a health related career will give you the opportunity to work in a rewarding and varied environment as you will be working with people of all ages, truly making a difference to their lives. Employment opportunities will continue to expand as a result of the nation’s ageing population and greater awareness of health issues. With the major shifts in the patterns of health and disease, such as the increased burden on society caused by illness and also a huge expansion of knowledge in the biomedical sciences, a health related course will definitely bring forth a closer step to a rewarding career.

  • Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Science
    Are you curious, at the same time keen about helping people to improve their quality of life?

    Pharmacy is a diverse career, where you may work face-to-face with patients to provide advice, alongside other health professionals to provide medication in hospitals, or in the research and development of medications. Pharmacists will be able to work closely with patients of all ages and from a range of backgrounds, offering support and advice regarding medications or prescriptions that may help improve their wellbeing.

    Pharmaceutical Science on the other hand will involve more laboratory work and medical or consumer researches. You will learn about chemistry, biology and technology of medicines and how to improve the human health by researching and developing more reliable, accessible and effective treatments. Career opportunities are also rewarding and wide as you may venture into biomedical industry and many other fields that require advanced chemical-formulation skills.